Free printable Ankylosaurus coloring pages

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Ankylosaurus coloring pages will introduce little artists to one of the dinosaurs that inhabited the Earth millions of years ago. Ankylosaurus was about as tall as a rhinoceros, but with a more elongated body. Ankylosaurus' appearance was very remarkable. The massive, slightly flattened body was covered on top with a strong armor of plates, cones, and spikes. These outgrowths reliably protected the dinosaur from dangerous predatory brethren. Another distinctive feature of Ankylosaurus was a powerful tail with a bone outgrowth resembling a hammer on its end. The tail of Ankylosaurus deftly fought off enemies. The natural coloring of the dinosaur was an inconspicuous brownish-green, but children can choose to color any shade. Choose your favorite Ankylosaurus coloring pages and print them in A4 format for free.

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