Free printable Animals coloring pages


Animal coloring pages for kids are an excellent way to learn about these or those animals who inhabit our planet. Most of boys and girls very much like to color coloring pages with animals, therefore we have collected a large number of different pictures with images of animals, which can be downloaded and printed easily. You can find quickly a coloring page that is necessary to you, because all pictures with animals are broken into groups with the corresponding names.

The section Animal coloring pages "Butterflies" comprises black-and-white images of various winged beauties. Undoubtedly, any boy and the girl will enjoy very much to color butterflies! By means of simple actions – to download and print – you present to the child an opportunity to color a coloring page with butterflies in the most fantastic colors!  Certainly, coloring pages with such animals as cats and kittens will raise a smile upon the face of any person. These lovely creatures are the most popular pets! More than 600 million dogs and cats in the world warm human houses the cozy purrings and tender looks. 

Coloring pages with dogs comprises images of both adult dogs and puppies. Animal coloring pages "Dog" will please children of any age! 

On the website "My Coloring pages" you can download and print coloring pages with horses, tigers, bulls, lions and a great number of other animals very easily.