Free Printable Coloring pages for kids! Choose your favorite coloring page and color it in bright colors.


Coloring pages for kids are suitable for boys and girls of all ages. Surprisingly, even two-year-old children who can't even hold a pencil in their hands are already drawn to coloring books with pleasure. The first item for coloring should be a brush. Drawing with paint is much easier, so the kid can do all the work himself and be proud of the result. Coloring designed for painting the smallest, should be large, with clearly defined outlines. This is necessary in order that if desired, you can paint not only with a brush, but also with your fingers, dipping them in the paint. Such activities are a delight to absolutely all young children without exception. And of course, coloring should not only be interesting, but also useful for girls and boys. Therefore, they show animals and birds, fruits and vegetables, house, sunshine, flower and boat. Children not only draw, but also develop memory, attention, and with the help of their parents remember new words and concepts. We have gathered an excellent collection of coloring pages for children, which you can download or print for free in A4 format.