Free printable Duckbill coloring pages

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Duckbill coloring pages - gallery of images of one of the most amazing creatures on Earth. This animal combines features of birds, mammals and reptiles. Its nose looks like a duck's beak, its tail looks like a beaver's, and it has webbing between its fingers. The platypus has an elongated stocky body, short legs, a round head, and a large tail. The entire body is covered with thick, soft fur. Its paws are located on either side of the body, so the animal walks on dry land, shifting noticeably from side to side. On the other hand, the platypus swims excellently and can stay under water for up to five minutes. He eats insects, mollusks, small amphibians. To paint the funny platypus, children will need dark brown and red colors. The page contains many different coloring pages of the Duckbill, which can be downloaded or printed for free.

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