Free printable Kinkajou coloring pages

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Kinkajou coloring pages are a small animal about the size of a cat, one of the closest relatives of the raccoon. At the same time, Kinkajou looks like a lemur, a monkey, and a bear at the same time. By the way, it has a lot in common with the latter in behavior. Sometimes the animal is called a claw-tailed bear. The Kinkajou has a slightly elongated muzzle with large eyes, agile paws, and a long flexible tail. The Kinkajou's entire body is covered with soft fur. They eat fruits, nectar, honey, insects and even small animals. Kinkajou are very active at night, and during the day they sleep in a hollow tree, curled up in a ball. You'll need a brown pencil to color the Kinkajou that look like a plush toy. Choose your favorite Kinkajou coloring pages and print them in A4 format for free.

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