The Lemming coloring pages introduces children to a rodent that looks like both a mouse and a hamster. It is a fairly well-fed rodent of small size. Its body is covered with soft, thick fur. It is this coat that protects lemmings from the cold, because they live in the harsh conditions of the tundra and can even be found on the shore of the Arctic Ocean. All their life, lemmings either sleep or eat, and they do it strictly according to the schedule - 2 hours for sleeping, 1 hour for eating. The main food of the animals is moss. Beside it, they eat berries, roots, mushrooms and young shoots. Coloring may be monochromatic or combine several contrasting colors. To paint a lemming, you will need gray, red, beige, and brown colors. On the page you will find many different coloring Lemming, which you can download or print for free.

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