Free printable Lynx coloring pages

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Lynx coloring pages are pictures with a wild graceful animal that looks very much like a cat. Looking at the lynx coloring pages, your kid will immediately pay attention to the brushes located on the ears of the animal. And the question immediately arises: what are they for? Scientists name several versions, one of them is that the brushes help the lynx to better catch sound waves, making the lynx's hearing more perfect. Perhaps the size and thickness of the tassels reflects the strength and power of their owner. In appearance, the lynx seems like a cute and harmless animal, in fact, it is a dangerous predator whose diet consists exclusively of meat. The lynx hunts hares, mice, small elks, wild boars. For humans, this cat is not dangerous, it usually avoids contact and tries to hide, seeing the approaching people. Still, it is worth staying away from the razor-sharp claws and teeth of the lynx, who knows what is on the mind of a wild unbridled animal!

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