Seal coloring pages - a section that collected images of an unusual animal that lives in the cold seas. Slender elongated body of animals covered with a stiff short hair. It protects the animals from wind and snow, and a layer of fat under the skin helps them cope with the cold. Seals spend most of their lives in the water. They do not often go on land, because they immediately become clumsy. Moving seals on hard surfaces, relying only on the front flippers, the rear ones just drag behind them. Mostly animals eat seafood, and babies drink mother's milk. It is very nutritious, fatty and tasty, so baby seals grow very quickly and gain strength. On this page children will find animals swimming or resting on an ice floe, and also seals - cartoon characters. For coloring seals little artists will need gray, yellow and brown colors and their shades. We have put together a great collection of Seals coloring pages that can be downloaded for free or printed in A4 format.

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