Takin coloring pages to introduce children to an unusual animal. He has the features of different animals intertwined in his appearance. The takin has the torso of a bison, the head of an elk, and the tail of a bear. He cleverly climbs mountains like a mountain goat, but in fact, his closest relative is a musk ox. Takins prefer to live in the mountains, choosing hard-to-reach places. That is why it is very difficult to encounter this secretive and very cautious animal in the wild. Takins are active at dawn or dusk. During this time, they go out to eat and walk. They eat leaves, shoots and grass, and they are very fond of bamboo. Children could see Takin at the zoo, and now they can color him and remember him better. Choose your favorite Takin coloring pages and print them in A4 format for free.

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