Blackbird coloring pages - collection of images of small forest birds. They can be found not only at the forest edge, but also in the city park, and sometimes birds fly into gardens and summer cottages. They feed on insects, worms, slugs, larvae, they love garden and wild berries. The Blackbird singers are named for their excellent vocal skills and love of performance. The bird flies up to the tallest tree in the area and begins to output ringing songs, repeating the same verses several times. During his concert, Blackbird changes place several times, flying from one tall tree to another. By the way, thrushes use the same method when it's time for grown chicks to fly out of the nest. Dad flies away not far and begins to sing, and the kids, becoming interested in pleasant sounds, move to their voice and slowly get out into the forest space. Blackbirds are generally very caring parents, they are ready to fight for their chicks even with predators - crows or snakes. Black, gray, brown and white colors come in handy for coloring Blackbird coloring pages.

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