Free printable Cockatoos coloring pages

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Coloring Pages Cockatoo - page dedicated to large parrots living in the rainforest. These amazing birds are noticeably different from their fellows. Firstly, they have a strong massive beak, similar to a bucket. With its help, the bird can not only easily break hard objects, but also remarkably quickly and dexterously climbs trees. The second feature is a long tuft of feathers on the head. From it you can understand in what mood the bird is. If the cockatoo is calm, the tuft is neatly folded, but if the bird is agitated or angry, the feathers stand upright and bristle menacingly. Due to the fact that the body of the cockatoo is rather large, unlike the wings, they do not fly very well. But on the ground they move quite quickly, although when walking they funny waddle from side to side. Download or print your favorite cockatoo coloring pages that we offer you for free.

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