Duck coloring pages are black-and-white pictures with the image of an important and important poultry bird, which walks vreperalkulochku and eats a lot. In the process of coloring the coloring book your kid will be able to learn that the important gait of the duck is not from the fact that it scuffs up its nose, but because its legs are short and look like flippers. All this is so that it can swim freely in a body of water. And she eats a lot not because she is greedy, but it is necessary for her to lubricate the feathers with fat, so that the water rolls off the feathers. Water is vital to the duck, they love to eat cassava, which grows in the reservoirs. By coloring pictures the child will learn that ducks are wild and domestic. Wild ducks every year in the fall fly to warmer climes, and in the spring return to their homeland. Domestic ducks live all year round with a person who takes care of them. We have gathered the best collection of Ducks coloring pages that you can download or print for free.

Free printable Duck coloring pages

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