Free printable Owl coloring pages

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Dear friends! We suggest you to plunge into the world of imagination and colors together with great Owl coloring pages which you can download or print absolutely free of charge. Any kid will be glad to color the Owl those colors which he likes. Owls are very interesting and mysterious birds, that`s why they attract to themselves attention of people, and in particular children.

The owl is predatory bird with the large head, big eyes and sharp claws. The majority of owls hunt only at night as their sight perfectly works in a night-time. There are individuals who hunt in the afternoon, such as snowy owl, house horned owl, marsh owl, etc. In general, there are about four hundred kinds of these birds in the world. All of them have various sizes and colors.

Owls differ from other birds in the fact that they can turn the head by 270 degrees, it is their anatomic feature therefore these birds are especially surprising and unusual for kids.

Owls coloring pages will help your children to get acquainted with these beautiful birds closer. Perhaps, they are already familiar with them, owls are heroes of many animated films and fairy tales. Your children with pleasure will color owls in different bright colors.

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