Seagull coloring pages

Free printable Seagull coloring pages

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The Seagull coloring pages will take children to the seashore, where the surf is rustling, and a bird's cry is heard overhead. This is the cry of seagulls - permanent inhabitants of sea coasts, beaches and ports. Birds of medium size have a contrasting coloration. Most feathers are light - white or gray, black spots are clearly visible on the head and wings. The gull's wings are strong and wide. This helps her to rise high and soar for a long time over the water surface. There are membranes on the paws. Thanks to them, birds swim well. The long beak curved at the end is a tool with which seagulls catch and hold their favorite food - fish. Armed with pencils or paints, children can easily color our coloring pages with Seagulls, which can be downloaded or printed for free.

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