Free printable Furby coloring pages

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Furby coloring pages are coloring pictures of a popular children's toy made by Tiger Electronics. Furby reminds a fluffy owl with ears of a rabbit and big LED eyes. He can talk and express emotions. If the owner wants he can teach Furby to speak his native language. It is very interesting that Furby`s character depends on education, it allows the kid to be in a role of a parent. Any child will be happy if you download or print Furby coloring pages for him.

For the first time Furby appeared in the USA on Christmas holidays of 1998 and became the most sold toy. Since that time all kids dream to become owners of an electronic toy Furby. It gives to kids the exclusively positive emotions, and the time of communication passes quickly. Furby can dance to the sound of music and sing. By means of the mobile phone application you can communicate with your lovely small animal, feed him and play games. These amusing animals can even communicate with each other through the IR-port which is built in their eyes.

Furby will be happy if you download or print coloring pages with his image and you will decorate them by pencils, water color or felt-tip pens in various colors.

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