How to Train Your Dragon coloring pages take kids to the island of Oluch, lost in the cold ocean. There live mighty Vikings. For many years their main enemies - ferocious dragons that attack villages, burn houses, take away cows. But one day the son of the chief Hiccup, defending the village during another attack of dragons, catches the rarest and most dangerous one - "Night Fury". The boy fails to kill the defenseless creature and frees the dragon from the trap. Curiosity does not give Ikking rest, and he constantly returns to the place where he left the dragon. Gradually they get used to each other. Hiccup tames Toothless, and then he manages to prove to his father and the others that it is possible to live in peace with dragons. We have free downloadable or printable coloring cartoon How to Train Your Dragon. Children will enjoy coloring coloring pages with Hiccup, Astrid or Toothless.

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