Littlest Pet Shop coloring pages

Free printable Littlest Pet Shop coloring pages

Coloring pages Littlest pet shop created for children based on the animated series of the same name. When the girl Blythe found out that her father was being transferred to a big city for work, she was upset at first. It is not easy to adapt to the constant hustle and bustle after the quiet and quiet suburbia. But the new apartment turns out to be right above the pet store, and the girl suddenly realizes that she can communicate with animals. After that, the real adventure begins. The pet store has both the most common pets, for example, dogs and cats, and exotic ones - mongoose, panda and gecko. Each of them has its own character, but Blythe manages to find an individual approach to the animals. All the pets from the small pet store can be found on this page with the Littlest pet shop coloring pages, which must be downloaded or printed in A4 format.

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