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Free printable Pusheen coloring pages

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Pusheen Coloring Pages is a set of black and white outlines dedicated to the famous Internet character. The famous cat appeared on the world wide web 9 years ago, thanks to the efforts of one artist, who once decided to schematically depict a familiar cat. So Pushin was born - fat, gray, with dotted eyes, triangle ears and a striped tail, more like a sausage. Pushin's fatness can be explained very simply, because his favorite activities are to lie down, eat pastries, pizza and everything that falls into his paws. And Pushin also loves parties and a festive hat suits him very much. Today, images of a well-fed cat on short legs can be found in comics, as well as on dishes, clothes, stationery, postcards and toys. Select the Cat Pusheen coloring pages you like, and then print them in A4 format.