Robocar Poli coloring pages

Free printable Robocar Poli coloring pages

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Robocar Poli Coloring Pages is a collection of awesome coloring pictures from the South Korean cartoon of the same name about rescue robots. The characters of the Poli Robokar cartoon are presented as: Poli's police car, Roy's fire truck, Helly's rescue helicopter, Amber's ambulance and the girl rescue group operator Jean and others. All the actions of a cheerful team of rescuers take place in the small town of Broome. In each series of Robocar Poli, the protagonists are always ready to come to the aid of local residents, helping them in various situations and incidents, and at the end of each episode they provide valuable tips for children to ensure safety. Choose your favorite Robocar Poli coloring pages and then download or print them for free for kids.