Sailor moon Coloring Pages is a collection of images based on the popular all over the world anime about warrior girls. A Japanese schoolgirl meets a talking cat and learns a lot about herself. It turns out that she is not an ordinary girl, but the daughter of an earthly prince and a princess from the distant moon. This story began many millennia ago, when the prince and princess fell in love, got married and were going to live happily ever after. But their dream did not come true. Evil forces destroyed the kingdom, and the prince and princess died, having managed at the last moment to make their daughter appear on Earth in peacetime in the distant future. With the help of the cat Moon, Sailormoon learns to control the power that is given to her, to learn martial arts. The girl and her friends will have to fight against powerful evil, to protect humanity from sorcerers and demons. On this page, kids will find great Sailor moon coloring pages to print for free.

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