Shrek coloring pages

Free printable Shrek coloring pages

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Shrek coloring pages are printable pictures from the well-known animated comedy shot based on William Steig's fairy tale of 1990.

Shrek is a green cannibal which likes to live in silent loneliness in the swamp near the city-state Duloc. By order of lord Farquaad - - all fantastic beings evict from the governor Duloc to the Shrek` swamp.

Shrek goes to Farquaad with the requirement to exempt his swamp from all beings preventing him to live in loneliness. Speaking donkey follows Shrek and bothers him. They meet many adventures and acquaintances. And also Shrek meets his future love Fiona, gets acquainted with a Puss in Boots and, of course, he will download and will print Shrek coloring pages for girls and boys absolutely free of charge.

The fantastic cartoon "Shrek" is loved by kids around the world and therefore we prepared especially for you and your kids a remarkable collection of coloring pictures – coloring pages with Shrek and his friends: The donkey, Fiona, the Puss in Boots which you can download and print free of charge for kids.

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