Simpsons coloring pages invite children to get acquainted with the members of the funny family. They are all the heroes of the longest in the history of animated series - it is filmed for more than thirty years. The head of the family - Homer, his wife Marge, two daughters Maggie and Lisa and son Bart. The Simpsons live in the fictional town of Springfield. The series tells about the life of this family, by the example of the inhabitants of the town and the situations that happen to them, ridiculing various stereotypes, social phenomena, habits and peculiarities of Americans. All the characters in the cartoon Simpsons look very funny because of the bulging eyes and strange hairstyles. For coloring little artists will need the brightest colors available in the palette. Choose your favorite Simpsons coloring pages for your kids and print them for free.

Choose your favorite Simpsons coloring pages and print for free

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