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Free printable Castle coloring pages

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Castle coloring pages are images for coloring with residential buildings which have very important function – defensive. Need for such constructions were in restless times when there were wars for lands. Owners of castles were notable rich men, and around the castle were located villages with simple peasants. Coloring of castle coloring pages, the kid will understand at once that it is not a usual house.

The territory of the castle included the considerable areas of the earth where the most different constructions settled down. There could be both churches, and warehouses, and havens for cattle. As a rule, all possession has been protected by a high wall and a deep ditch which was most often filled with water. It was heavy to opponents to overcome such obstacles that allowed owners of castles to feel a certain safety.

Walls around the castle were very thick and high, at first sight they seemed absolutely unapproachable, in those days people couldn't destroy easily and quickly such constructions, onions, arrows, fire were their main weapon. Walls have always been equipped with viewing towers where sentries bore the round-the-clock post. Coloring Castle coloring pages, children, undoubtedly, will note power and inaccessibility of fortifications. All Castle coloring pages you can download or print free of charge on our website.

Presently castles are of great historical value. Many of them turned in restaurants and hotels, and in some of them it is possible to come as to the museum, they accept hundreds of tourists every year. We have tried to collect the most various pictures with images of castles that your kid can get big impression about this view of buildings.

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