Free printable Dr. Strange coloring pages

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Doctor Strange coloring pages will introduce young artists to one of the characters of the Marvel universe. Stephen Strange is a talented neurosurgeon who stopped practicing after being seriously injured in a car accident. Going to wander the world in search of healing, he met an ancient magician. Strange becomes his student and masters magic and martial arts. Having successfully completed the training, he becomes one of the defenders of humanity from evil forces. In the fight, he is helped by powerful artifacts - a cloak of levitation and an amulet that neutralizes dark magic. Doctor Strange is strong, smart, fair and fearless. In addition, he has special abilities, for example, he can become invisible and intangible, instantly move in space, control time, distort reality and create stunning illusions. Possesses the gift of hypnosis, reads minds and even knows how to create clones. Choose your favorite Doctor Strange coloring pages, and then download or print them in A4 format for free.

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