Guardians of the Galaxy coloring pages

Free printable Guardians of the Galaxy coloring pages

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Coloring pages Guardians of the Galaxy takes children to the next universe from Marvel. Little earthly orphan boy Peter Quill is kidnapped by aliens. It takes 25 years and now before the audience a matured hero, whom everyone calls Star-Lord. He is a fearless traveler who has visited the most remote corners of the universe, and a clever thief. One day he falls into the hands of a powerful magical artifact, which was previously owned by the most terrible villain ever. In the pictures from this section, little artists will find images of Star-Lord himself and his companions - the tree-like humanoid Groot, the combat rocket raccoon Rocket, the dangerous and beautiful Gamora, eager to avenge his Drax family. Here you can download or print coloring pages Guardians of the Galaxy for your kids. Boys and girls will happily decorate their favorite movie characters.