Free printable Joker coloring pages

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The Joker coloring pages are a collection of pictures of one of the most famous villains of the DC Comics universe. This character first appeared in comics in the forties of the last century. The Joker is the main enemy of the equally famous superhero Batman. Recognizing the Joker is quite easy. He has green hair, a lot of makeup on his face and most importantly painted a bright red paint wide smile from ear to ear. It is this smile combined with a hard look that makes his appearance so creepy. Joker is completely unpredictable, he is a madman and a cynic with a very strange sense of humor. To paint the hero, children can safely combine the most incongruous colors. After all, one of the character's features is his choice of clothes, gaudy but always screamingly bright. Download or print free Joker coloring pages for your kids.

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