Free printable Knights coloring pages

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Knights coloring pages for kids is a big collection of quality black-and-white images which you can download or print free of charge.

The knight’s image is very closely connected with war, protection of castles and fortresses in restless times was the main mission of these brave heroes. Knights even had a special code of honor – knight’s laws. Each boy wishing to become the knight has been obliged to know them and to live according to them. Qualities which were possessed by knights cause admiration and in our times: the knight must be brave and courageous, it helped him to win the most difficult fights, and in peaceful life his lady felt safe also securities. Fidelity and devotion – a constant quality of the knight, it concerns all aspects of his life. He must be generous, the person with wide and kind soul can't be greedy. For a knight one of the most important things in the life is honor. Knights considered inadmissible non-compliance with the moral code, and infringement of his honor or his lady`s honor never remained unnoticed. Everyone who has dared to encroach on his and his close people’s honor and advantage people met with the deserts.

The concept of the knightly oath includes: to protect the religion, to protect churches and its attendants from attacks of criminals; to protect the defenseless lonely women who have lost husbands, and to protect children who were left without parents; to earn living only in honest and worthy respect way; for protection of the innocent to call the offender on a duel; to live with a clear conscience before God and people; always to fight for justice and to go against the evil; to value the reputation and always to keep the word, having broken the word only at once, the man forever lost noble and dear rank of the knight.

The sword was the main weapon of knights. A powerful chain armor and a helmet protected his body in fights, and the board helped to beat off dangerous attacks. All equipment was very bulky and heavy, at the same time the knight needed to operate dexterously a horse and to sit astride her very surely.

Coloring of coloring pages with images of knights downloaded or printed from our website will be in particular useful to your son if in passing you tell him about these heroes, about their life and the principles.

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