Samurai coloring pages

Free printable Samurai coloring pages

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Samurai Coloring Pages - collection of images of warriors from Ancient Japan. The main task of the samurai was to serve his master. There was a samurai code. It laid out the rules by which a real samurai should have lived. Breaking the code was tantamount to treason. Japanese warriors had to be brave, strong, resilient, and loyal. Boys began to prepare for the service from early childhood. They trained constantly, did hard work, learned to overcome pain and fight fear. Future samurai mastered various combat techniques and types of weapons. At different times, Samurai used swords, bows, firearms. But the main weapon of the samurai has always been the katana - a long curved sword. It was said that the soul of a warrior is contained in the katana. In this section, young artists will find coloring pages of samurai in traditional clothes with various weapons, during a duel or on vacation.