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Coloring Pages Tobot - takes children to a world where wonderful machines live. They are the invention of Dr. Franklin Chara, who was kidnapped by criminals. This is where the amazing story begins. At first glance, tobots are ordinary cars, but with the help of a special smart key, they turn into powerful robots. The first two cars were piloted by the twins sons Ryan and Corey, and with the advent of new models, the number of pilots increased. They are the guys' friends, their classmates and neighbors. The main task of robot cars is to fight crime and protect your city and its surroundings. For this they are equipped with everything you need. Some Tobots even have weapons. In the section, little artists will find images of cars, tobots at the time of transformation, pilots and other cartoon characters. With the help of markers and pencils, black and white outlines will turn into colorful illustrations. Choose your favorite Tobot coloring pages and then download or print them in A4 format for free.