Wolverine coloring pages will introduce children to one of the members of the X-Men team. His name is Logan and he is a mutant. His superpower is regeneration. Wolverine quickly recovers from even the most severe injuries. He has a skeleton of the most durable substance - adomancy. And in case of danger, sharp daggers appear on the hands. It is thanks to this, as well as the enormous strength and dexterity, that he got his nickname. Logan does not hesitate to engage in combat with the enemy, even if he is stronger or better armed. Despite his sullen temper, harshness and taciturnity, Wolverine is respected among mutants. He is a reliable ally, and if necessary, he can organize and lead the group. In this section, young artists will find images of the famous mutant in moments of battle or rest and can color them to their liking. You can download or print coloring pages Wolverine on the site for free.

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