Barbie Mermaid coloring pages

Free printable Barbie Mermaid coloring pages

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Barbie Mermaid Coloring Pages invites little artists to an amazing underwater world full of magic and adventure. The Barbie doll is known without exaggeration all over the world. Whoever this long-legged beauty is, she always remains attractive, sweet, elegant. On this page, she will appear in an unusual image of a mermaid. Lush hair, a bright swimsuit, a shimmering mermaid tail - with the help of multi-colored pencils and felt-tip pens, the look of Barbie will become bright and unusual. And fish, dolphins, jellyfish and other inhabitants of the sea depths floating nearby, algae, coral reefs, huge shells and small shells, sunken ships - coloring such unusual pictures will allow you to fully express your imagination.