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Free printable Bratz coloring pages

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Bratz coloring pages< are created on the basis of images of four world famous dolls which in popularity can compete with the beauty Barbie. The names of these dolls will be told without effort by any girl: Jasmin, Chloé, Sasha and Jade.

Dolls Bratz have unusual appearance – big slanting eyes, disproportionately big head, a thin figure and unnaturally long hair. Coloring of coloring pages with dolls Bratz your daughter will be glad to choose independently for the darling Jasmin, Chloé or Jade color of eyes, hair, clothes. It is useful to know that trunks of dolls Bratz are made from vinyl, heads – from firm vinyl, hands and legs – from flexible vinyl, and bodies – from unsteady vinyl.

Bratz conduct life, usual for any teenage girl: they go to school, to parties, get the romantic relations with guys, they are engaged in the appearance, change a hair color, follow the fashion and like to put on stylishly. We have tried to reveal the most interesting moments from life Bratz on coloring pages which you can download and print free of charge.

Besides dolls the great attention and interest attract the accompanying goods: cosmetics, clothes, charms and many others bagatelles, small, but very attractive for kids. Over time the well-known four has got friends - Nevra, Tiana, Kumi, Felicia and many others.

Then the collection of babies Bratz were created which has gave huge joy to little girls around the world! These and other dolls are represented on our coloring pages with dolls Bratz which are printable.

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