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Equestria girls coloring pages are a continuation of the popular cartoon for girls My little pony: Girls from Equestria. In this part of the popular Cartoon serial "The Friendship Is a Miracle" it is told about little ponies who have turned into people. 

Sanset Shimmer having appeared from a mirror will steal Sparkle`s crown, thereby having left Equestria without protection and having broken work of elements of harmony. The twilight Sparkle decides to move off in searches of a magic crown. She have passed through a mirror and got to the new world which inhabited people where she accepts human shape. With it connected a name of new series of the cartoon of Equestria girls. 

In search of the crown the Sparkle is helped by her best friend Spike. They are expected by an extraordinary set of adventures, new friends and many other interesting events. 

On our website you can download or print Equestria girls coloring pages about adventures little ponies and give them to your baby. She with pleasure will color favorite Girls from Equestria in various bright colors.

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