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Free printable Gymnastics coloring pages

Coloring Pages Gymnastics - a page that has collected images of girls involved in one of the most spectacular sports. Gymnastics competitions have been held since ancient times. Even then, athletes showed their strength and agility by performing exercises with and without sports equipment. Gymnastics is included in the program of the Olympic Games and these competitions are confidently gaining many spectators. Artistic gymnastics includes exercises on gymnastic equipment such as rings, parallel bars, a bar, and various types of jumps. But for girls, rhythmic gymnastics is much more interesting, where sports and dancing are combined. Graceful athletes in beautiful suits perform the most difficult exercises accompanied by musical accompaniment. They need not only to accurately execute all the movements, but also to do it beautifully, and besides, to be in time with the music. Part of the program, athletes perform with instruments - a ball, a rope, a ribbon. Little artists will be able to create a bright and memorable image of a gymnast by choosing a picture they like and a suitable color palette. Here you will find the right gymnastics coloring pages that you can download or print in A4 format for free.

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