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Hello Kitty coloring pages are images of the fictional hero who is thought up by the Japanese designer Yuko Shimizu. The cat Hello Kitty belongs to breed of the Japanese bobtail, she is a female individual. Appearance of this cat is easily recognized: a pink-blue dress, a lovely red bow on her white head. This character has very quickly won popularity among kids. You can download or print absolutely free of charge Hello Kitty coloring pages on our website. 

Little girls were originally target audience of Hello Kitty, but soon the lovely kitty has gained the popularity among girls of advanced age, and even women. Huge popularity of Kitty cat has even given rise to kid's TV series, with the same name Hello Kitty. 

Little girls very much like Hello Kitty coloring pages which you can download or print without big work. They with pleasure will decorate the favorite lovely Kitty, and will try to recreate a blue-pink combination of her dress or to give her new colors.

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