Kawaii coloring pages - a section filled with the cutest and most touching images. The word kawaii came to us from the Japanese language, where "kawaii" is translated as adorable, pretty. In Japan, most often kawaii images are delicate, pastel colors and accessories with cartoon characters. Many toys can be called this word, for example, the world famous Hello Kitty cat or the famous Pokemon. This page contains kawaii coloring pages with very cute characters. There are animals with funny faces - cats, bears, cubs, rabbits and puppies. By the way, the hippo can also be kawaii. And why not, if he is really cute. Delicious muffins, cacti, ice cream cones, burgers, pizza slices - all of them are so cute that you can't help but smile while decorating. But besides the fact that these coloring pages will definitely give a good mood, they have another big plus - the choice of colors. Complete freedom, the brightest or, on the contrary, muted shades, unusual combinations, patterns and ornaments - all this will help to make the drawing even more attractive.

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