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Free printable Monster High coloring pages

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Monster High coloring pages (Monster High School) are sketches of dolls whose prototypes are various characters from horror films and fantastic movies. Each one from the Monster High school has an own life story, friends, pets. Now under the Monster High`s brand various goods are issued which you can easily acquire in shops including Monster High coloring pages. But it is much simpler and more convenient for you and your kid to download and print these coloring pages on our website, and it is absolutely free.

Frankie Stein is a famous Frankenstein's daughter, she is very young, very polite and friendly. She has some difficulties in communication with people around as still it isn't skilled at all. Frankie has very interesting appearance: one eye is blue, and another – green, long black-and-white hair cover her shoulders, and skin has pale green shade. Her doggie`s name is Watzit. Frankie Stein coloring pages from the Monster High school for certain will be attractive both for girls and for boys.

Draculaura is a Dracula's daughter, but she isn't similar to the father at all. She hates blood, conducts vegetarian lifestyle that undoubtedly pleases us. But some characteristic vampire features she has: She avoids the sun and does not reflected in a mirror. The lovely birthmark in the form of a heart decorates the little girl, and black-pink hair supplement a lovely image. Draculaura has a flying mouse named Magnificent Graf.

Claudine Woolf is a daughter of the Werewolf striking terror. This is fashionable and stylish young girl who is Draculaura's friend. Claudine has a dream – to reach big heights in the world of fashion, and we hope that she will do it. Her pet – a kitten named Half Moon. Coloring pages with Claudine Woolf from the Monster High school for certain will give pleasure to any girl.

Download or print Monster High coloring pages for girls. They will be happy to color darlings dolls from School of monsters in different bright colors.

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