Mickey and Minnie Mouse coloring pages

Free printable Mickey and Minnie Mouse coloring pages

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Mickey and Minnie Mouse coloring pages are printable black-and-white pictures of the most recognizable and famous characters of the Disney company Mickey Mouse is also a symbol (his head and ears) and a mascot for the Disney company. He was created in 1928 by Walt Disney and Ub Iverks. For your kids we prepared a set of coloring pages with Mickey and Minnie Mouse and their friends which you can download and print free of charge.

Mickey played a major role in a big number of cartoons and books for children, such as the Imagination, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, etc.

For the first time Mickey Mouse has appeared in one of the first dubbed short film of Steamboat Willie in 1928. Those years Mickey Mouse's image was colored in black-and-white tones, he has not his famous gold footwear, white gloves and red shorts.

Mickey Mouse has a girlfriend who often accompanies him - Minnie Mouse who is famous thanks to a big bow and a dress in peas.

One of the characters connected with Mickey and Minnie Mouse is a dog Pluto (one of the main characters who can't speak, another one - Figaro, Minnie's kitten). Their friends - Donald and his girlfriend Daisy Duck. The second companion of Mickey Mouse is Goofy, the speaking dog.

All Mickey and Minnie Mouse coloring pictures can be downloaded and printed for your boy and girl without special difficulties. Kids very much love little mouses from Walt Disney's cartoon cartoon and therefore they, undoubtedly, will be glad to paint them in favorite colors.

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