Free printable Ray coloring pages

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Stingray coloring pages - a section dedicated to fish with a very unusual appearance. Its flattened body looks like a disk, its eyes are on its back, and special organs that generate electricity are located on the sides. Some species have poisonous spines on their tail. These creatures most often use electrical discharge while hunting. Having caught up with the victim, they seem to embrace it with their lateral fins, and at that moment they strike with electricity. Stingrays live in all seas, but prefer the warm waters of a tropical climate. They can settle at great depths or in shallow waters. Thanks to their body shape, stingrays are excellent swimmers. They glide quickly and smoothly in the water column, similar to a floating flying carpet, but also deftly move along the seabed. Choose your favorite stingray coloring pages and then print them for free for your kids.

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