Sea Fish coloring pages will open up a huge and interesting underwater world for little artists. More than 30 thousand species of fish live on our planet. There are very tiny fish, for example, a dwarf goby, its length is about a centimeter. Due to its small size and ability to blend in with the environment and quickly hide, this species is very poorly studied. But much more is known about the giant sea fish - the whale shark. Its weight reaches 5 tons, and its body is 20 meters from nose to tail. Surprisingly, this huge shark feeds exclusively on plankton. Unlike her smaller, but very bloodthirsty fellow tribesmen, she is not dangerous to humans. Another amazing species is the small flying fish, so named because of their fins that look like wings. The zebra fish with cream and burgundy stripes also stands out from the others. A beautiful medium-sized fish at the moment of attack spins from side to side, trying to hit the enemy with its dorsal fin. We have collected the best Sea Fish coloring pages that you can print for free for your kids.

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