Free printable Whales coloring pages

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Whales coloring pages are outline images for children which you can download or print absolutely free of charge. Coloring of a coloring page with the image of a whale, children will be able to get acquainted in a game form with this huge big fish who lives in the boundless ocean.

Whales, as well as dolphins, treat group of mammals, they can't breathe under water as they have no gills. To inhale air whales should emerge on a water surface.

Whales are divided into two species: toothed and baleen. The toothed whales have teeth and eat large fish (Cachalots, Narvala, etc.). The baleen whales eat plankton and have not teeth, instead of them this specie of whales have horn plates on the top jaw. In general, baleen whales are the hugest among cetacea (A blue whale, Finval, Greenland, etc.)

For certain it will be interesting to your children to color this grate coloring pages with the image of whales. Drawing allows boys and girls to develop spatial imagination and analytical thinking.

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