Free printable Carnation flower coloring pages

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Carnation Coloring Pages is a collection of pictures of adorable flowers that grow both in the wild and are raised by humans. The Mediterranean is considered the birthplace of carnations, from where plants spread to other parts of the world. They are distinguished by their unpretentiousness and resistance to a long absence of moisture. Carnation buds open gradually. As a rule, they have narrow leaves, and the flowers resemble a circle. The red carnation is a symbol of memory and courage. That is why on the days when it is customary to honor the soldiers who died in battle, these flowers are brought to the memorials. Dried buds of some species are used as a seasoning for food. But the color of carnations is not limited to red. They are white, purple, pink, yellow. Coloring free carnation coloring pages, young artists will be able to fully express their imagination.

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