Free printable Daffodil coloring pages

The daffodil coloring pages are dedicated to a beautiful garden flower, whose name translates as "poetic". And indeed, daffodil gives inspiration. Many poets wrote poems in his honor, and painters decorated their canvases with his image. The homeland of daffodil is the sunny and warm Mediterranean. Many centuries ago, daffodil already had many admirers, legends were made about him and people believed in the signs associated with him. The fashionistas of Rome decorated their hair and clothes with exquisite daffodil flowers, and the warriors considered the flower a symbol of victory. In Egypt and Ancient Greece, essential oils were obtained from flowers, which were used to create perfumes. In Germany, daffodil was and remains a symbol of a happy family life and home comfort. We have collected the best Daffodil coloring pages that you can print for free for kids.

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