Marigold coloring pages - will delight you with images of flowers that are often found in city flower beds, in parks, gardens and in personal plots. These flowers are loved and popular with gardeners due to their unpretentiousness, long flowering period and bright color. They quickly get used to any climate, easily tolerate transplanting even during flowering, and bloom from early June to late autumn, until the first frosts touch the ground. Introduced several centuries ago from South America, in Russia these overseas flowers very soon received the name "marigolds" for their velvety petals, very pleasant to the touch. Another undoubted advantage of the plant is a large number of flowers on one bush and constant flowering. To replace the wilting flower, one, or even several new ones, immediately bloom. When coloring marigolds, kids can use a wide range of colors. Shades from cream and lemon to bright orange and burgundy will do. We have compiled an excellent collection of Marigold coloring pages that you can download or print in A4 format for free.

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