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Free printable Orchid coloring pages

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Orchid Coloring Pages is a large collection of images with some of the most famous flowers on our planet. The homeland of orchids is considered to be tropical forests, where these plants feel great. In the wild, they grow "leaning" on stumps and trees. Orchids have an unusual structure. Each bud is located on a branch, like a bead strung on a thread. When the buds open, delicate flowers of a wide variety of shades appear. According to the legends of New Zealand, in ancient times, a dense fog covered the earth from the sun. The sun wanted to see the earth. After a heavy rain, a rainbow formed between heaven and earth, turning into a bridge. Immortal spirits flocked to see him, who had never seen such a picture before. Everyone wanted to take a seat on the wonderful bridge. But under their weight, he crashed. And the shards turned into orchids. We have put together a great collection of Orchid coloring pages that you can download or print in A4 format for free.

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