Fireman coloring pages introduce children to a representative of one of the most necessary and honorable profession. Fireman - a member of the fire department, which is engaged in extinguishing spontaneous fires. This is a very dangerous job, before you do it, you have to study for a long time. Firefighters rescue people from fire, extinguish forest fires, fires in houses and apartments. A firefighter can also, for example, save a kitten that has climbed a tall tree. Firefighters must be strong, agile, brave, endurance and be able to act quickly and coherently in a difficult situation. For protection, firefighters wear special uniforms consisting of overalls, jackets and helmets. To paint a fireman in uniform use pencils or paints of yellow, black or red colors. And while the child is drawing, you can tell him about the rules of fire safety. We have collected the best Fireman coloring pages that you can print for free for your kids.

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