Banana coloring pages

Free printable Banana coloring pages

Banana Coloring Pages - black and white images of a sweet and very beloved fruit by all children. India is considered his homeland, it was from there that they spread throughout the world. Another interesting fact: the banana is a herb, not a palm tree. Bananas ripen in clusters, one can contain more than two hundred fruits. Due to such a high yield, it is the most common fruit on our planet. The peel of unripe fruits is green, ripe ones are bright yellow. Among the many species, you can find rare varieties in which the fruits are covered with a red skin. The fruits themselves are strongly elongated, slightly curved. Download or print A4 banana coloring pages for your kids. Using felt-tip pens or pencils, they will paint the bananas in bright colors.

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  • Banana-fruits-coloring-pages-2
  • Banana-fruits-coloring-pages-3
  • Banana-fruits-coloring-pages-4
  • Banana-fruits-coloring-pages-5
  • Banana-fruits-coloring-pages-6
  • Banana-fruits-coloring-pages-7
  • Banana-fruits-coloring-pages-8
  • Banana-fruits-coloring-pages-9

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