Free printable Cowberry coloring pages

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  • Cowberry-coloring-pages-1
  • Cowberry-coloring-pages-2
  • Cowberry-coloring-pages-3
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Cowberry Coloring Pages is a collection of images of a small evergreen shrub with oblong leaves and round berries. Cowberry can be found in forests, swamps and even mountainous areas. It is quite unpretentious, tolerates dampness and cold well. Cowberry is prized for its healing qualities; in the old days it was even called the berry of immortality. Bright red fruits contain a lot of vitamins and useful elements. The berries taste tart, sweet and sour. They make jam, prepare compotes and fruit drinks, make filling for pies. For children, coloring Cowberry coloring pages will be a very useful activity, because in order not to go beyond the boundaries of the contour, you will have to try and confidently wield a pencil.

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