Free printable Mandarin (Tangerine) coloring pages

Mandarin coloring pages will surely appeal to all kids. Due to its simple shape and bright color, mandarin is very easy to draw and even easier to paint. Coming to us from a distant country in China many years ago, for children this citrus has become as delicious a delicacy as an orange. The tangerine peel has a special structure and different thickness - in the context it is no less interesting than the whole. The very name of the fruit comes from the clothes of Chinese officials, “tangerines”, who also loved orange color, as bright as its skin. According to another story, officials simply grew unpretentious, juicy tangerines, which were named after them. Choose your favorite mandarin coloring pages and then print them for free.

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  • Mandarin-coloring-pages-3
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  • Mandarin-coloring-pages-5
  • Mandarin-coloring-pages-6
  • Mandarin-coloring-pages-7
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