Free printable Iceberg coloring pages

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Iceberg Coloring Pages will introduce children to one of the amazing phenomena that can be found mainly in the northern seas. This is a huge block of ice, most of which is in the water, and only a small part is visible above the surface. Most often, these pieces of ice break off from glaciers, and then drift across the seas. An iceberg can even grow from the fact that snow falls and freezes on it. A meeting with an iceberg is dangerous for ships, since it is impossible to determine the shape and size of the part that is under water. In nature, there are dull white, bluish and even pale pink icebergs. But little artists can paint the block of ice in the brightest and most unusual colors. We have collected the best collection of Icebergs coloring pages, which you can download or print in A4 format for free.

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